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White Wine!

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This Irreverent White Wine pouch is phenomenal. Smelling and tasting this wine is kind of like running and singing, at the top of your voice, through the fresh spring Austrian mountain fields. 

Crisp and pure.

It's perfect for a warm evening on a boat, camping or just hanging with friends.  This wine harkens from an estate vineyard and up and coming winemaker who had just a bit extra that we were able to procure.  Visible from highway 11 between Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater, we'd love to tell you who.....but we've been sworn to secrecy.  This is a blend of about 70% Semillon and 30% Chenin Blanc.  For those of you not familiar with these grapes.  Semillon originated in the Bordeaux region of France (West coast) and it's known for hints of citrus, mango and papaya.  Chenin Blanc is becoming more rare in Washington State as vineyards have removed many of the existing plantings (damn shame).  The grape originated in the Loire Valley of central France.  It's also known as Vouvray.